Our Mission

As a child-centered school, Academy Charter High School is dedicated to providing a challenging, nurturing environment in which each child’s social and academic potential is maximized. The students who graduate from ACHS will have the self-esteem, self-discipline, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills to maintain their status as lifelong learners.


National October Monthly Themes

The month of October has many nationally focused themes to educated yourself about. Watch the short videos attached and see if you can learn something new by answering the questions below.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

– 1 in ___ US  women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their life.
–  Early detection is key. What is one way to detect breast cancer?

LGBT History Month

– Who are some famous LGBT people mentioned throughout history?
– What are some things America has done to show the acceptance of LGBT+ people?

Bullying Prevention Month

– Why are some ways to help stand up to bullying?
– What does it mean to you to #BeTheChange?
– What are the differences mentioned between Latino, Hispanic, Latin X, and Spanish labels?
– Why does Hispanic Heritage Month start on September 15th?

Academy Charter Hybrid Schedule for Students

10th & 11th Grade Students: In-Person Learning @ ACHS on Monday and Tuesday. Remote Learning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
9th & 12th Grade Students: In-Person Learning @ ACHS on Thursday and Friday. Remote Learning on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Please check back for information about the Full Time Remote Learning Option, Transportation, and Edgenuity, a new online educational platform.
Contact Mr. Heeter with any questions.

2020-2021 Testing Administration Letter

Please view our testing administration letter to parents by clicking the link below:

20-21 Testing Administration Parent Letter

2020-2021 Calendar

The school calendar for the upcoming year is now on our site!

ACHS Calendar 2020-2021

Esports Team

Academy Charter High School has partnered with the High School Esports League and brought competitive online gaming to our school.  There are 4 seasons; fall, holiday, winter, and spring in which our teams will compete against other high schools across the nation.  For more information about the program visit http://www.highschoolesportsleague.com/

Cinnamon Allergy

Academy Charter High School currently has a student with a severe airborne allergy to cinnamon.  It is vital that there is a strict avoidance to this substance in order to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction.  In order to provide a safe school environment, cinnamon or products containing cinnamon are prohibited from being in the school building

Parent Survey

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Congratulations Class of 2020!

Coastal Habitat for Humanity

New Cell Phone Policy

Our policy regarding cell phone usage in school has been changed, please see the documentation below

5516 – Use of Electronic Communications